Unique Carvings

All our wooden men are hand carved from solid cedar stumps.  The kind of figure carved is inspired by the natural shape of the stump. Because all parts of bodies are carved and/or turned from solid pieces of cedar,  various fractures lines occur enhancing the unique characteristic of each of these men.  The arms are attached by bolts which enables them to be mobile.  Legs are solidly attached to the body and affixed to a wooden base.  Heads and hats are turned, carved and then attached.  Every wooden man is a one of kind.  They range in height from 3' to 4.5'.

Horseback Rider

The horseback rider stands approximately 50" high.  The bar in his hands can be used to hang a horse blanket, throw, towel or the like and is adjustable by moving his arms up or down.  The uniform is inspired by equestrian riders in the horse jumping world.


19th CenturyButler


Inspired by butler uniforms of the 19th century, this man is all about the details - from the cedar stump's natural swoop as a coattail to the carved cumber bun, high heeled shoes and carved hairline and eyebrows.  The butler stands 49" high and holds a serving platter in one hand making him a perfect functional addition to the home.


Highland Dancer

Our highland dancer is the largest of our detailed carvings and honours the thousands of women and girls who participate in highland games around the world.  Portrayed in a classic dancing pose, she stands 43" tall to the top of her head and is dressed in competition attire.  Due to the wide variety of tartans available, this is a special order item.



This coachman is inspired from the bygone days of horses and buggies and the gentlemen who handled them.  The combination of the turned top hat, carved overcoat and riding boots and the tea light candle lantern makes him a wonderful addition to a foyer or breezeway.  The coachman stands approximately 51" tall.



The inspiration behind the design of this chef came from the butt of a cedar log that looked like a chef's hat.  The style of uniform was developed after and follows a more 'traditional'  look.  Standing 44" tall, this chef would serve beautifully in any kitchen.




Our Scotsman was inspired by the natural shape of a cedar stump which resembled the pleating and style of a kilt.  His clothing reflects a more 'traditional' style including a jacobite shirt and cloth wrapped and pinned over his left shoulder.  The carved pin has the appropriate clan crest painted on it. Our Scotsman comes with bagpipes and a sporran.  Due to the wide variety of tartans available, this is a special order item.


Dressage Rider

Our dressage rider fashions the formal clothing used in official dressage competitions.  The clothing is carved in layers to portray depth and realism.  He holds a canister in his hand which can be used as a storage place for crops.