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Having served my community since 2007, Just A Girl Woodworking and Dutch Groceries is now located on 4930 Mill Street in St. Eugène, Ontario.  At my new location you will still be able to get all the great Dutch groceries and giftware at fantastic prices along side my ever changing creative woodworking pieces and chainsaw carvings.  One minute down the road you can buy home grown beef and pork from Torrhaven Farms plus take your dog for a walk on the beautiful walking trail (so please feel free to bring your dog).  While in the area take some time to visit Skotidakis for great Greek yogurt and cheeses, Vankleek Hill Vineyard for some delicious locally made wines, and Skelly Gallery for both beautiful works of Art and custom framing, all within a short distance.  St. Eugène is located within 40 minutes of Montreal.  Take exit 5 coming from the east and from the west take exit 17, drive into St. Eugène, and turn left onto Mill Street located just before you reach the Deppaneur.


December 6th & December 7th, 2014

More details will come soon!!

Every year Sinterklaas and Piet make it to our store...



Dutch Grocery Product List

Due to customer requests, our Dutch grocery & giftware inventory is continuously expanding.  Please note this is only a partial list of the products we have available as our stock is always changing. We are here to serve you... so just ask if there is something you are looking for!!!  Buy any product by the case or 1/2 case and receive a discount!

Breakfast Products/Sandwich:

Gemberkoek, Roggebrood, Rusks, Ontbijt koek, Crunchy Meusli, Brinta, De Ruiter Pure and Milk hail, De Ruiter Pure Flakes, De Ruiter anise sprinkles, Vruchten hagel, Anise Blokjes, Stroop, Sicof Apple Butter

Cheese Products

Mild, Medium, Old, Extra Aged, Spiced and Smoked Gouda; Wenselydale with cranberries, Irish Dubliner, Swiss Gruyere, Swiss Emmentaler, Swiss Raclette, Edam balls small and large


Allerhande, De Molen Gevulde Koeken, Speculaas brokken, De Ruiter Speculaas, Bokkepootjes, Coconut rings, Gevulde Kanos, Kletskoppen, Stroop waffels, Jodekoek, Mergpijpjes, Langefingers, Merba spirits flavoured, Hazelnoot cookies, Koffie waffles, Cafe Noir, Marleentjes

Fish and Meats

Matjes Herring, Smoked Mackeral, Beef croquettes and bitterballs, Frikadellen, Rookworst, Metworst, Bradtworst, Octoberfest, Polish coil - available by order Rookvlees, Liverloaf, liverworst and Dutch luncheon meat.


Mie Noodles, Bahmi and Nasi spices, Pinda sauce, Babi Pangang, Ketjap Manis, Kroepoek, variety of Sambals, variety of spices, Seroendeng

Condiments/ Spices

Curry ketchup, mayonaise, Frit sauce, Mustard, Pickles and onions, Picallily, Gember, Gehakt, Pork and Kip Kruiden, Shoarma, Boerenkool, Hutspot, Zuurkool, Macaroni, Speculaas Kruiden

Soup products / Mixes/Vegetables

Vegetable soup, Honing soups, Knorr Aromat, Maggi blokjes, Maggi, Maggi Ovendish mixes for witlof, sauerkraut and cauliflower,  Capucijners, boerenkool, spinach, red cabbage, brown beans

Snoepies and snacks

A variety of of bulk licorice and candies, King peppermints, Wilhelmina peppermints, Hoesttabletten, vruchtenhartjes, Rademakers Koffie Hopjes, Wybertjes, Duyvis Borrelnootjes, Lu Tuc crackers, Twiggles, kaas waffeltjes/bolletjes

Household Goods

Cheese slicers, Auvergne Gourmet set, poffertjes pans, NL stickers, oranje t-shirts, peli antiekwas,  a great selection of Dutch tea towels, a wide selection of delft blue giftware & tiles, and dutch paraphenelia too numerous to mention.


Our prices on products are unbelievably affordable...after all Dutch food should not cost you a fortune!!!!!!!

Also available by order  Van Straten Bakery Products

Mocha cakes, Vanilla cakes, Hazelnut cakes, pastries, Apple cake, Almond filled boterkoek, Almond rings, Oranje Koek, Sausage rolls, currant buns, stolen, and more.  Come into our store for a complete product and price list.


Store Hours:   

Saturday 12 - 5:00pm

Sunday   12 - 5:00pm

During the week by appointment                   

Store Location: 4930 Mill Street, St. Eugene, Ontario


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